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    I celebrated my 65th at the end of September and received a bunch of LV gift certificates and an IOU from Mrs L for "something from my wish list" at where? Lee Valley of course. After much hemming and hawing I made a decision and went and squandered the whole wad yesterday.

    I came away with:
    a Veritas RH Skew Plane plus the long rods
    the miniature brass cutting/marking gauge (perfect for toy and model making applications and nice to look at too!)
    a Moor chip carving stab knife (had to spend quite a bit of time removing the sharp moulding flash from the handle but it will be much better than my old one)
    a Veritas chairmaker's scraper and 4 blades
    a scraper case (nice product but it only holds half of my collection so I guess I will need another one, darn)
    an auger bit file (the least glamorous tool of the lot, but not the ugliest, the Moor plastic handle wins that prize)

    None of these make up for becoming a senior citizen but they helped ease the transition and filled some gaps in my shop. (BTW, there were some issues with the computerized pick list in the store that echo some of the comments made regarding the web site. Not impossible to overcome but less than effective too; I was assured that the problem is being worked and I got what I set out to get.) This little packet of stuff did nothing to improve my current storage issues however, it will all fit eventually (somehow).

    I took a couple of pictures but I cannot get them to save/transfer right now but it really did happen.

    Just had to brag a bit.

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    Re: Lee Valley Run

    Geez I turned 65 last year and nobody gave me LV gift certificates.

    ...but I do get to ride the ferries for free now! (OK, Mon-Thurs only)

    Sounds like you got a nice haul. Congrats. And if you need me to help out by storing some of your stuff Ken, I'm happy to. You know, geezer to geezer.
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