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Bodger's Ball 2021 - Log To Leg race

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  • Bodger's Ball 2021 - Log To Leg race

    Hi all,
    Not sure if this belongs in the turning forum or the handtools forum, but since pole lathes are probably an uncommon topic in the turning forum, I'll post it here...

    Every spring (usually 1st weekend in May) there is a meeting of the APTGW over in the UK (that's the Association of Polelathe Turners and Green Woodworkers), which they call the Bodger's Ball. I've been to three of these meetings, they're loads of fun. So much to see and do and learn. Tremendous variety of craft skills on display, and these skills are shared freely. There are craft competitions and a few "fun" competitions. One of the fun ones is the Team Log To Leg Race. This is where your team of 3 people is given a half a log, and when the starting bell rings, and you split, shave, and turn a pair of chair legs at the shave horse and pole lathe. They have to match the Master leg on the judges table. Time penalties for shoddy workmanship are added to your time to get the final scores. I think our time the first year was 10:42. Yes, that's less than 11 minutes to make two chair legs, with 3 people tripping over each other trying to use the same tools at the same time.

    This year, the Ball is (once again) cancelled due to Covid, but they've decided to have an online version called "Not The Bodgers Ball". One of the organizers of this onlne event asked me if I could field a Canadian team for the Log To Leg race.

    So here I am looking for a couple of people who have pole lathes and would like to play... The event is May 8/9 2021. No need to be APTGW members, no need to actually get together, just do the work, record the times, and be honest about your penalties. Any takers?

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    Re: Bodger's Ball 2021 - Log To Leg race

    Now that sounds like fun Darrell, but no pole lathe here.

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