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  • Stanley Miter Saw

    I bought this Stanley Miter Saw Model #246 Frame #2 at auction a few years ago. I seems to be in good shape and works quite well but like alot of other things I just don't take the time to use it. I am thinking of selling it but have no real idea of what it is worth. My better half tells me I should hang onto it and build a wall unit to display my old tools and for her books. Seems we have a spare wall.
    Any info would be appreciated. About the saw that is.
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    Re: Stanley Miter Saw

    Re: Stanley Miter Saw

    I can't tell you anything about the saw except to say that my dad who was a carpenter had and used one just like it back in the 60's and 70's. it was a great tool back before power miter saws came into everyday use. Brought back some memories.

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