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My First Smoother Gloat

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  • My First Smoother Gloat

    Was at a nice little antique shop this weekend and found this...a Stanley #4 smoother. I have been keeping my eyes open for a user, not a collectable. I also wanted one that was pre-WWII, only because all the research I've done suggests they are the better quality versions. This one has the keyhole shape on the lever cap, the frog design used after 1902 but before WWII, and some scratching on the blade that says SW. I believe the knob to be of the higher type so adding all the above together I think the plane dates from the 20's to 30's. Am I correct?
    The plane has been "restored", and therefore there are issues, such as the re-paint of the body and the area on the top of the blade that had been smacked around a little; but the mouth was clean, the tote and knob were solid, the frog moved freely as did the lateral adjustment, and there was no pitting.
    I think I might replace the blade and cap iron with the LV offerings, and store the originals. A little tuning, then on to shavings!!

    I should add that all web research to date has been done at and specifically Patrick's Blood and Gore site. It was extremely informative - and sometimes funny to boot!! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for info on Stanley stuff.


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    Re: My First Smoother Gloat

    Re: My First Smoother Gloat

    Nice find Bill. As to the issues, who cares if its been repainted and has a couple of bangs. You've still got yourself a nice vintage user that carries all the memories of the tradesmen that used it before you. That's the beauty of these old tools.

    Jim B

    P.S., now time for the next one!
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