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Help identifying hand planes

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  • Help identifying hand planes

    Hi, I was just given 4 planes that were from my late grandpa's shop and I am not sure exactly how to identify what they are and what year. I would like to restore any that are worth restoring (I have no hand planes besides these I was just given).

    Here is an album with a couple of pictures but I can take more as needed.

    The one on the right in the first image of that album I think is a Stanley Defiance no 4 plane. It says defiance on the blade (sorry for mistaken terminology!) and has no 4 cast on the sole. I am not sure how to check the age as this website 4-5 shows that this is from the 19th century which I am sure cannot be correct.

    The next one (2nd from the right) has a black painted sole and no markings except "Made in Can." raised just behind the knob and "made in can" stamped on the blade.

    the 3rd one has stanley cast into the lever cap and says Made in Canada around the knob. The knob has a raised ring where it screws in so according to the website above I think this is a 1960's type 20?

    The final one says "Made in USA" raised on the sole and the sole is painted blue. The knob has the raised ring but no other markings. The handle and the knob appear to have been painted black. It is missing the lever cap.

    Basically I am looking to find out what I have here exactly and if any are worth the time and effort of restoration. I don't intend to sell but if I have a good plane or planes here I'd like to start learning how to use them.

    Thanks in advance and please let me know if more pictures are required!
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    Re: Help identifying hand planes

    If you have no planes then try restoring some of them . It is fun to get them to work for the connection with your grandfather. I think than none of them are very valuable . a few people collect Canadian Stanley but generally it is of less value than US . Also they would appear to be of the Handyman range rather than Bailey which are more collected.That said I would still restore them and try using them for the experience. Personally I would not over restore them, rather ,leave them looking old but clean and sharp.


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      Re: Help identifying hand planes

      Thanks, I think I will do that.
      I was pretty sure they were not very valuable but good to have some independent confirmation.
      I'll clean the rust off and sharpen them up and see what I like


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        Re: Help identifying hand planes

        Sharp will overcome many issues.
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