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  • Disston saw nut SEARCH

    I have decided to rejuvenate a vintage set of Disston saws.
    One is missing the Disston Philada 7/8″ medallion along with the two nuts which go below it. Does anyone have spare ones of these know where I could get them.
    I have another saw missing the Medallion but need to clean it up a bit to be sure it is a Disston. They have been in the family ever since I can remember.
    They got moved to a poor storage area (not by me!) & the plates got a bit rusty.
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    Re: Disston saw nut SEARCH

    Pictures of the saws would help for identifying the correct medallion appropriate to the saw's age (or perhaps you could specify the age or medallion type using the disstonianinstitute website)
    Note that buying another cheap saw to salvage medallion and screws is likely cheaper than postage costs for screws to be sent to you (and more fun). Try yard sales, auctions, ReStore, Vinnies, etc