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Royce Ayr Saw Blades vs FS Tool

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    Re: Royce Ayr Saw Blades vs FS Tool

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    Thanks for checking in on that Brian, that matches with the local shop's statement that they were a good blade but not made to the same tolerance as the industrial/Ultima blades.
    They're all good blades. It depends on if you want to buy the best or buy what is cheaper. For a hobbiest Royce or Dimar or Freud will do quite well. For a pro that uses their blades every day and depends on them then it pays to buy the best. I've only been doing this for 45 yrs. so take it for what it is. I would put my money on FS or Amana but that's just my preference and what I know will last the longest and stay the sharpest. FWIW JMHO.


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