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4 in one combination machine

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    Re: 4 in one combination machine

    I would love to have a combo machine. For me, I would love to have an 8' slider with a 16" jointer/planer combo.


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      Re: 4 in one combination machine

      Originally posted by ezermester View Post
      I would love to have a combo machine. For me, I would love to have an 8' slider with a 16" jointer/planer combo.
      that would be sweet


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        Re: 4 in one combination machine

        Originally posted by al.m.. View Post
        I do suspect I may be the only one here with a four in one.i know Rod has the saw/ shaper and jointer/planer combos and suspect David and a few more may have this one two punch,and frankly I also think it is probably the best for small shops.Rod is correct about a square shop,mine is not quite square but the configuration does work quite well,but I have thought and questioned about splitting my combo in half.
        i am sure many more have a jointer/planer combo.
        A visit from a form member last weekend prompted me to ask this question,as he made a remark about combos being well suited for hobbiest with small shops and was surprised they were not promoted and discussed more on woodworking forums
        Al, there are a few reasons why the combination machines aren't seen on wood working forums very often.

        1) many people think of the Shopsmith machine when combination machines are mentioned. For many of us, that was motivation to run in the opposite direction.

        2) Lack of advertising and presence at hobby wood working shows. Unless you go to the commercial shows, you don't see a lot of Euro machinery. At commercial shows it's mostly Euro machinery.

        3) Size, many people are intimidated by the size and weight, and wonder how they would get a machine like that in their house. I still provide people with photographs of my cat and I moving my machines into the basement.

        4) Cost, although they're a money and space saver, they are costly. As a hobby user you have to be fairly interested in the hobby to spend $20K to $30K on a machine. Many people buy machines over a period of time. Of course some people buy Harleys, or BMW bikes, so obviously money for hobbies often isn't a problem. Maybe I should suggest that Felder put more chrome on their machines? In that vein I put pink handle bar streamers on my brother's band saw.

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        5) Now as to why you should buy one? Cost saving, high performance, accuracy, capacity and capability. 12 and 16 inch jointers are rare however they're dirt common in combination machines. Same as the saw/shapers. Huge crosscut capacity, straight line rip, and how many sliding table, tilting spindle shapers do you see in hobby shops aside from combination machines?

        We're slowly seeing more and more of the combination machines in the home shop.........Rod.
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