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General tablesaw model 350, riving knife question

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  • General tablesaw model 350, riving knife question

    I had purchased this made in Canada saw about 15 years ago. I desired to purchase the riving knife kit to discover a week ago the company is out of business. Would anyone know if this is still available from a source who perhaps purchased the bankrupt companies inventory.
    I first saw this saw perhaps 35 years ago and finally was able to afford the purchase. I am saddened to hear of this demise. I am also disappointed greatly to see so many products made in China. I will spend extra for the made in USA or Canada label unless there is a huge price disparity. Your help will certainly be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance. Brian
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    Re: General tablesaw model 350, riving knife question


    Welcome to the Forum.

    Not sure if you had a chance to search posts here, but there were a few threads on the General 350 in the last couple of months. The likelihood of finding a brand new part for your saw is non-existent. You might be able to find a used one, but hard to predict.

    Fabrication of a riving knife was discussed, as well as alternatives offered in the marketplace. One example is the use of an overhead blade guard, while another one pertained to offerings such as SharkGuard. Are you looking for something « plug and play » or are considering fabricating it yourself?

    Please be aware that a riving knife needs to be adjusted manually on the General 350.

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      Re: General tablesaw model 350, riving knife question

      Hi Brian,

      I was looking for the riving knife kit for my 650 a couple months back... I called a half dozen dealers to see if they had old stock or anything... but I didn't find anything...

      I wasn't asking for the 350 though, and there certainly are more 350s than 650s... but I think it's pretty thin out there... YRMV. Good luck.