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After market Red Line table saw fence

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  • After market Red Line table saw fence

    I was almost going to buy a new saw but the worse thing on my saw was the fence. I sarted looking for fences and a couple people suggested the Red Line ts fence. I talked to the guy who sold them and told him my type of saw, year and model number. It is a Rockwell Beaver 23 years old. I bought it new. The person I purchased the fence from said I would need an adaptor kit to drop the fence as if not the fence would be over the miter slot and to use my own bolts that will thread back in the table. So another $20.00, what the heck. I got the fence in the mail and next day stripped my old fence off and my bolts were not threaded into the table as they had a nut and I didn't want to reuse them as they were slotted head and with the method to use on the adaptor, the head would have to be under the table so I had to go and get longer bolts.
    I set up the front rail with the adaptor kit and the rail was way down. The fence would not come close to it. So I removed all that setup and put the rail back on without the adaptor kit and seem to be ok with miter gauge slots above the rail. The fence was sitting a bit high off the table but that could be adjusted later.
    Then on went the back rail without the kit and the end of the fence was a little high to the rail. With the kit the rail was way too high. I then had to Mickey Mouse some blocks and bolts to get the rail up about 3/16's of an inch. After 3 or four trials and errors I finally got something i may be able to live with.
    So in my case so much for the easy attchment and set up. I also ended up with one rail a bit off in length then the other rail but if I redo it , it will be only hit and miss.
    The fence itself, and if the install went as advertized, I wouldn't mind the $315.00, but with all the messin I had to do with it gives me a dislike for the fence. Everytime I use it now, I'll just think of all the trouble I had with it.
    Anyway, just my experience.

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    Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

    I saw the redline in operation a while back. It looks like a great fence and should do you for quite a while.

    I struggled with the same issues a few years back.

    The fence (and a few other minor things) on the old 1hp rockwell beaver contrator saw just wasn't doing the job so do I just upgrade the fence or buy a new saw???

    My plan was to upgrade the fence which would have cost around $300 (after taxes, shipping ... mulecab or redline) and I was just about ready to pull the trigger when ...

    I ran into a sale on a Delta 1.75HP hybrid for $800 ($700 then taxes) which, as a bonus, included a Delta AP400 1hp dust collector

    So I Sold the beaver for $200 (including half dozen 9" blades) and sold the dust collector for $150. My out of pocket cost for the new saw was around $450 which is only $150 more than the fence upgrade only ... but that only worked cause the I got a new saw on a super sale ... otherwise I would have gone the same route you did.

    I kinda miss the old saw and it would have worked very well with a new fence.


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      Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

      New fence, old saw, typical experience

      I felt pain listening to all you had to go through. Sorry to hear that. Like so many of us with 25 year old saws, as I have posted before, anyone else thinking this route please see Accusquare, about $270 (US) available from Rockler or direct from Accusquare, Lewiston NY and in Canada at 59 Industrial Parkway South, ON L4G 3Y5.; 905-717-8325 or 800-684-7366.

      I installed mine on my 25 yr. old Craftsman, drilled several holes accurately, and it was flawless. My regret was that it took me all these years to find out about them, so I hope this helps someone.



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        Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

        Now for the acid you like it? If not, I'd probably take it back. If so, enjoy your upgrade....the initial frustration should pass.


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          Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

          Yes Scotsman ,you got a good deal there. I was close to doing that but I spent too much on tools lately
          Accusquare probally would have worked better on this saw too Steve.
          And Scott I think I will like the fence system and I think I have a way to correct the install. I believe I can put in a spacer (3/16) and get longer allen head bolts for the piece on the back of the fence. This should allow me to lower the back rail down to the saw holes. Then I will be pleased and just absorb the $20.00 bag a bolts adaptor kit.
          Thanks all for your comments and help.


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            Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

            A good experience

            I bought it and had it installed on my 20'ish year old Craftsman.

            Bought a new Delta Hybrid and it installed easily onto it with no hole drilling at all.


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              Re: After market Red Line table saw fence

              I may be missing something and if so, I apologize, but if holes for rails are drilled up to 1/16" oversize, that would allow a little adjustment up and down of rails. Using a credit card under fence holds it nicely for clearance. Thank you for your indulgence.