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Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

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  • Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

    Lots of woodworking hobbyists have a bench top planer. In Canada some of you may have the older Canadian tire model, it is not different than many of the imports carried by other suppliers. It suffers from the same problems as many other bench top models, a lack of a dust collection hood and the snipe problem. Here is my solution for dust collection, I was working on figuring out a solution for locking the head to reduce the problem of snipe, when I got a nice used 15" Delta. After a nice complete rebuild of the Delta I have not used the bench top since, so I have not done any more thinking on the snipe problem. If anyone is interested in the Delta rebuild I can post that sometime.

    I had a piece of 4" crimped duct from the internals of a scrapped cloths dryer. I cut a suitable size hole in the planer ejection hood and installed the 4" pipe with crimped tabs to rivet it to the ejection hood. To seal the underside of the ejection hood, where the shavings normally exited, I riveted a snug fitting piece of sheet metal to seal that exit. I can now connect to my 4" dust collection piping and it works great on this smaller planer.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	40.JPG Views:	0 Size:	155.0 KB ID:	1250623

    Click image for larger version  Name:	39.JPG Views:	0 Size:	106.6 KB ID:	1250624

    Here is a pic. of the completed rebuild of the Delta 15". Ready to work. First project was the building of the new workbench posted here It handled the heavy work like the bench top like a champ.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	73.JPG Views:	0 Size:	141.2 KB ID:	1250625
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    Re: Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

    Carlos I was able to eliminate snipe on my lunchbox planer completely. The biggest key is support. Second to that is very small cuts on your final passes. Next is understanding and determining how the weight or size of the piece will affect how it wants to exit the planer. To have any snipe at all the workpiece either goes up or it goes down as it exits the planer. Once you figure which, up or down? You apply an opposite force by hand, to stop the piece from going up or down.
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      Re: Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

      Yes I agree Rusty the biggest cause of snipe is poorly aligned support. Well adjusted infeed and outfeed tables go a long way. For long materials it is worth the time to get good height adjustment on roller supports.

      For really fine tuning ideally the head would be locked to the four guide posts. Older imports rise and fall on two screws and they do not lock to the four posts. I have read a few articles (one in FWW) where they have proven that as the end of the board clears the infeed roll the head shifts slightly (rocks on the two support screws) causing snipe no matter how level the supports are. It is of course worse if you have leveled the material support poorly.

      Some newer planers have incorporated column locks (Delta & DeWalt) on some models, to get around this problem. Most older imports do not have them, that I am aware off. I have two of the Mastercraft models and they do not have them. I think with a little puttering around I can figure out how to lock those columns.


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        Re: Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

        I have a similar model to the CTC you show. I bought it used on the stand shown. PO had added the support blocks to hold the infeed and outfeed tables from flexing. I have found that tightening the mounting bolts will squeeze the rubber feet on the planer(far right in the pic) enough to fine tune the height of the tables. This helps to control snipe fairly well

        I will be copying your DC hack, my dust deflector is the same as yours, thanks for the idea.

        BTW good ideas in the bench build.
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          Re: Bench Top Planer Dust Collection Hack

          Originally posted by smallerstick View Post

          I will be copying your DC hack, my dust deflector is the same as yours, thanks for the idea.
          Thanks Peter, you probably caught it but rivets will give you the least problems in the assembly, once everything fits snuggly drill it and pop in the rivets.