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Shelix for Delta DJ20

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  • Shelix for Delta DJ20

    HI there. looking to get some helical cutters for my DJ20 i just finally got aroudn the cleaning up...

    Just 2 quick questions for those of you who've got Shelix cutters.

    1 - Do you guys think there's a big difference between the byrd cutters and say these? or other generic branded ones?

    2 - where have you guys bought the byrd ones from? Only couple of sites i foudn were:
    oella saw and tool

    any canadian retailers?

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    Re: Shelix for Delta DJ20

    I have a 20 in Byrd head in my planer and would not be without it. It is a made in China Delta planer. I use it almost daily and rotated the knives for the first time a couple of months ago and after approx 5 years of use. I got mine from Holbren and at the time he offered free shipping. His price was less than if I had gone directly to Byrd which I believe you can still do. That included taking away the free shipping.

    i have a 24 inch EMA planer in my shop. It is an older Italian made machine with a 4 straight knife cutter head. It is a industrial quality machine , much more so than my Delta. I will eventually order a shelix head for it and am leaning towards a Taiwan shop but the head is made in Vietnam. A Byrd head for my EMA from Byrd is approx $5800 USD. It will be less than half that from Taiwan and the quality will be equal. I have had the opportunity to examine lots of Asian cutting tools at the annual machinery shows in the US.
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