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EZ Smart/Eurekazone tracksaw

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  • EZ Smart/Eurekazone tracksaw

    Hi all

    Unfortunately, Eurekazone has closed for business some months ago.

    I have a panel saw I made from their tracks, but need replacement antichip edges...which I can't find anywhere.

    Anyone have any ideas to either replace or make myself? Click image for larger version

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    Re: EZ Smart/Eurekazone tracksaw

    The Toronto Morningside LV had a Eureka kit of some sort in their clearance section there when I was there just before they closed to showroom walk-in traffic. Maybe you might call them and ask if they also have some of those replacement antichip edges. You may also want to try the main head office LV people as well.

    I'm curious to see your panel saw you made if that's possible to post some pics of it.


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      Re: EZ Smart/Eurekazone tracksaw

      Thanks for the tip! I actually managed to find some at a Lee Valley thanks to you!

      I'm just reassembling the saw to pull it out for the season and then will post pics.