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Wadkin RJ planer made by subcontractors?

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  • Wadkin RJ planer made by subcontractors?

    Hey guys. I make things out of trees in mid devon. Just recently picked up an elderly but gargantuan RJ thicknesser which I'm very happy to own. I believe it was actually built by Vickers Armstrong's judging by the plates. I can't date it using the test no. Because that is prefixed SC (for subcontractor maybe?) But judging by the machine number 1104 it was built late 40s or early 50s. I see rj1296 was a 1955 machine and rj1257 a 53. Gives a little perspective. Also my machine has a suffix S , does this have any significance perhaps?
    any info on this machine welcome. Please see attached pics.
    all the very best
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    Re: Wadkin RJ planer made by subcontractors?

    I see now I've made the classic rookie error of posting in the wrong place, I had intended to put this in "vintage machinery" but must have missed a trick when pressing the button. Is it ok here or should it be moved?


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      Re: Wadkin RJ planer made by subcontractors?

      I don't have any authority here, so can't move this thread. As I don't want to muddy the EPA thread I've started a new one in the "Vintage Power Tools" section:

      Cheers, Vann.

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