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Blue Tornado router bits

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  • Blue Tornado router bits

    havent bought router bits for a while, need a particular bit (1/2 inch cove)
    are these any good or should i stick to lee valley? or elsewhere?
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

    1940's Craftmaster Lathe
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    Re: Blue Tornado router bits

    I’ve had great success with them, and even have a huge panel bit that i use regularly; the LV version had a poorly centered bearing that wobbled badly, and versions at 2 different locations were the same... to their credit, they accepted returns on both, but 2 bad versions at $79 versus 1 good version for $52 sold me on the rest of the line

    BT for me


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      Re: Blue Tornado router bits

      I've had mixed results with BT though mostly good. My biggest issues with the BT bits are related the bearing retainer collar. They use some cheap set screws that don't seem to accept any hex key (metric or imperial) properly. The bits seem otherwise okay.


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        Re: Blue Tornado router bits

        excellent bits and shaper cutters, my 1st choice in Router bits, Lee Valley 2nd only because they may have the profile I want.
        hobby woodworking since 1972