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Poitras jointer part function?

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  • Poitras jointer part function?

    Heyo guys,

    I just bought a poitras 8 in. Jointer. It’s missing two parts, a set screw and another piece, #11 in the picture. It is labeled, “Circle segment 5/8 x7/8.” Does anybody know what the purpose of this part is? And where I might find one if needed?

    Thank you, Dave. Click image for larger version

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    Re: Poitras jointer part function?

    Obviously part of the cutter guard, should be easy enough to make if you had or can get a piece 7/8 od 5/8 id and grind or cut to fit.
    Thickness would be Im assuming a slide fit into part 23.
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      Re: Poitras jointer part function?

      It simply keeps the knob In place,you could do as Rob recommends,maybe even cut a piece out of a section of pipe