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Ghetto Planer stand. for my Ryobi AP1301.

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  • Ghetto Planer stand. for my Ryobi AP1301.

    I bought a Ryobi AP1301 (lunchbox planer) a few years back when it was on sale, plus a 20% off coupon at HD.

    Turns out, it's not the one that I had read rave reviews about.... that was the AP1300. This one doesn't have a cutting head lock.

    Anyways, my workshop is now up and running, so I unboxed the Ryobi. Good thing it works, as it's now past the 2 yr warranty.

    I bought a piece of 12"x72" melamine shelving to use as a sled. I set it on the planer bed, and supported it on the infeed and outfeed sides. with the planer on my workbench. Problem was, to have the planer set up on the bench, meant I couldn't also use it as an outfeed table for my TS.

    I browsed the internet, and used 'google image' to look at Planer stands that other WW's had built. I liked this one the best:

    It has in/outfeed supports that fold down, has wheels, and incorporates storage in the stand itself.

    I decided to use a similiar design for mine.... I bought 3 2x4's from HD, some T- nuts from LV, as well as some Kreg screws.

    This is what I built today (more function than form)
    2x4's planed down... 2" casters from HD, the 12" Melamine shelf, leftover 3/4" spruce ply (workbench leftover), recycled hinges from a free waterbed frame that my neighbor had at the end of his driveway.
    Pic of the hinges and the 1x2" support for the table extensions. There is a screw on each end of the 1x2, and a shallow hole drilled in the melamine and the crossmember of the stand. The screw sits in the hole, it can also adjust the length of the support as needed.

    I also broke out the Kreg Master Jig system - purchased 2 years ago at the Millbank Country Hardware Open House .... Great free Mennonite baking (or probably frying) - yummy super sized apple fritters. The Kreg Jig was pretty easy to use. I think a couple screws may have stripped the wood. I think I should use the drill on the slow speed, or turn the clutch down. I was using the coarse screws in SPF.


    Pic of the stand folded up. I am wondering if I should exchange the casters for ones with brakes...

    'One Day', I'll put some drawers in there.....

    Some other workshop stuff I did the past week.
    This is my workbench, the top is 24"x72", double layer of 3/4" spruce plywood. The rails are 2x6's. The long rails are rabbetted to the legs, the short rails are mortise and Tenon (my 1st)

    rails, joined with M/T, rabbets.

    Lift system, so I can move the workbench around my 10ish x 24' shop. There are levellers from LV underneath each leg to finetune the level, and height for use as the outfeed for my TS.
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    Pete C.