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Porter-Cable Pocket Hole Jig Review

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  • Porter-Cable Pocket Hole Jig Review

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in the Power Tool or a Hand Tool section of the forum but since there's no "Jig" section and this thing used with a power tool, I opted to put it here.

    I'm not much for writing reviews but this jig deserves some praise in light of the almost monopoly that Kreg seems to have on the pocket hole jig market. I've never used a pocket hold jig before so I can't relate my experience with the PC unit to anything else in practise. My comparison can only be made by way of what I see online, in videos and reviews by others. In short, the Porter-Cable Pocket Hole Jig is to the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig what an airplane is to a car. There are three very cool differences IMO.

    On the surface the PC jig looks complicated...nothing could be further from the truth. The three things that set this jig apart from the others are:

    1. There is NO setup of the drill collar. There is a one time setup of the collar but no setup for each drilling application. I mean, when you take the jig out of the box, you align the collar on the drill bit, screw it down and it stays there for life (but it is a good idea to check it against the built in gauge from time to time just to be sure it hasn't drifted out of place at all)

    2. The jig has a mechanism that senses the thickness of material you are does make the assumption that the two pieces to be joined are the same thickness. This sensing mechanism then automatically adjusts for the depth of drilling...that's why you never have to move the depth collar on the drill bit.

    3. The jig not only knows how thick the material is but it makes things so easy for us by providing a pointer that then indicates the length of screw you need to use for the joint. No guess work at all!

    The jig even includes a dust collection port out the back. This will catch the chips that are drilled out.

    Included in the kit are a locking plier type clamp to help make flush joints in face frame type applications, two lengths of driver bits and also three lengths of screws to get you started.

    The build quality of the jig seems to be very good. It can be clamped to the bench or attached to a mounting plank can mount it in two orientations, so you drill vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer or whichever the size of your material necessitates.

    The jig is so easy to use, I had drilled my first pocket holes within a couple of minutes of opening the box. If you're considering a pocket hole jig, you should really consider the Porter-Cable pocket hole jig.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Porter-Cable Pocket Hole Jig Review

    Re: Porter-Cable Pocket Hole Jig Review

    I've been using one extensively since they debuted in Canada what....5 years ago now? And I agree with everything the OP wrote. GREAT tool.

    It's damn near perfect IMO.
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