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Hugong Wave 200 AC/DC tig/stick

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  • Hugong Wave 200 AC/DC tig/stick

    KMS is selling these as Magnum Wave 200 , I bought one when they started importing them, I was looking for a DC stick. I wanted to weld some stainless and that would have meant buying another tank for the MIG of Tri-Mix . So I looked them up, that's why I know the brand name. Think ESAB 186i, both are made in Shanghai, a couple miles apart. Both have the same specs and confusing programmable controls. I guess if you are a welder that's sweet. What happened to the days of flipping the switch and cranking the dial ?

    The Aussies and Kiwis use them as Hugong Wave 200, with good reviews. They are robust units that will accept generator power. A lot of your cheaper inverters fry. They are repairable, unlike the Lincoln 200. As welders, just look up the reviews for the ESAB 186i . Good ,but not great. I paid $999, but that was when they were still in shipping. A prepay deal. It was only a bare machine having TIG and ground but no pedal, regulator or stick.

    From what I understand, for aluminum TIG, you need DC. It helps if it is programmable. 200 amps isn't enough for thick aluminum and it's start at the bottom makes welding beer cans tricky.I have a spoolgun for my MIG, so I'm good for heavy aluminum.
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    Re: Hugong Wave 200 AC/DC tig/stick

    For aluminium Tig you need AC and it is much easier if you have a foot pedal on bigger welds so that you can ease off the heat occasionally to avoid turning your work piece into a puddle. What is the duty cycle on these machines?


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      Re: Hugong Wave 200 AC/DC tig/stick

      As you can tell I'm not an expert, I did mean to write AC, because you do need cleaning. The manual is pretty generic, you are better off using the ESAB one. It's one of those Chinese ones, unless you know how to use, you aren't going to learn too much from the manual. In the manual they rate it as 35%, but in the ESAB they chart it. What I should have mentioned on these machines, for both the Shanghai Electric made ESAB and the Hugong on AC HF lift tig minimum is 10 amp.. Higher priced ones can go lower.

      The warranty from KMS is the same as the Millers and Lincoln . But I don't think they sell extended, which BTW is a recommendation for the Lincoln. Not because of quality. just repair issues.