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Wadkin RS6 Spindle Problems

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  • Wadkin RS6 Spindle Problems

    I have a Wadkin RS6 that I may need to remove the spindle on and have no idea on how to remove the spindle pulley. The only thing I can see on the pulley is an unthreaded hole. There is also a hole in the spindle that is used for the spindle lock. Is it possible that the pulley is threaded on to the spindle and is removed by inserting bars into the holes to unscrew the pulley?

    I need to replace the outboard bearing as the plastic retainer for the rollers is broken allowing the rollers to bunch up. Does anyone have any information on this bearing?
    As plan "B" I am thinking of machining the spindle to take a standard deep groove 6209 bearing. The bore in the headstock is 85mm.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Wadkin RS6 Spindle Problems

    Peter, suggest that you look at this post as Yves shows how he took his spindle how, however, he doesn’t show it all going back together.

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      Re: Wadkin RS6 Spindle Problems

      If you go to this website

      and go down to section q and r you can look up bearings by size. Hopefully the one you need is in there. Section R just has tapered.roller bearings.but also has grease and oil seals if you need any. Good luck!


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        Re: Wadkin RS6 Spindle Problems

        To get the spindle out remove the spindle nut on the inboard side, remove the end cover on the outboard side. Put some kind of drift in the inboard morse tapered hole and give it a wack with a hammery type thing. The spindle will slide out towards the outboard end. The pulleys are not secured to the spindle. There is a spacer between the pulley and inboard bearings. You can still get the outboard roller bearing for not silly money, the matched pair of inboard ones are pricey