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    Click image for larger version  Name:	General 100-5.jpg Views:	1 Size:	519.1 KB ID:	1237382 I've recently taken the single phase, 2 HP motor off my General 100-5 sander & re-installed the 2 HP, 3 phase motor which was factory. I have programmed & tested a 2.2 KW VFD to power the original motor & am very pleased with the results. By programming the VFD for a soft (delayed) start, I have eliminated the laboured start experienced with the single phase motor (it takes a lot of torque to get both the 16" disc & 6 x 60 belt in motion). Additionally, I can vary the speed which is a big bonus when working with different types of wood. The machine runs like a Swiss watch. This information may prove useful to the winner of the 1968 model auctioned at (Sudbury).
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    Re: General 100-5

    I dunno Barry, maybe you can drop it off at my place and I can run some user tests with it LOL. Those are pretty rare these days. Lucky to find one at anything approaching a reasonable price.

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      Re: General 100-5

      You will have to drop by my shop for a rest run, Erik. You are correct - it's rare to see one for sale. Mill Supply last sold one in 2010 & it retailed for $7900. I remember when Fundy Grinding had a list of people looking for a used one.