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Value Question - Old Wheatly 6" Planer

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  • Value Question - Old Wheatly 6" Planer

    a while back I grabbed an older Wheatly 6" Jointer from Kijiji. Life being what it is I have never really used it. I updated the motor to a 1HP motor and fixed the pulley's so it works pretty good now.

    I had someone offer to buy it from me but I have no idea what something like this would be worth. I know what I paid for it but I bought it from an estate sale. Whats a fair price for something like this?

    I have a couple of other posts that have photos in them and the finish hasn't changed much at all in the last couple of years.

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    Re: Value Question - Old Wheatly 6" Planer

    Without seeing it , maybe $150
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      Re: Value Question - Old Wheatly 6" Planer

      fully operational, on a stand with a motor, switch, proper cord, sharp knives, good bearings etc etc, i would start at 300

      a new 6 inch jointer would cost double that and the wheatley is a very well built jointer, better than most modern machines
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