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  • Beaver 3800 service help

    I just picked up a Beaver Jointer 3800. Looks like it’s in great shape unfortunately the belt snapped on it after running it for the first time. No problem purchasing a new one. Big problem is how the heck does the new one go one. Looks like you have to remove the entire shaper head and knives just to get the belt over the pulley. Does anyone know an easier way to install the belt. I have a copy of the original operating manual which says absolutely nothing hooking up a belt. Any help or direction that’s out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Re: Beaver 3800 service help

    If it was me, I would use a Link belt. Can make it any length and it will smooth out any vibration.


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      Re: Beaver 3800 service help

      Heres a link to a similar discussion

      sounds like the link belt is the way to go if your bearings are in good shape. Congratulations on the new beaver!


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        Re: Beaver 3800 service help

        It's not too difficult to remove the cutter head and it will give you an opportunity to clean and repack the bearings too. I don't recall having to remove the knives from the head during the process.

        The new belt should last for years once it's on.


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          Re: Beaver 3800 service help

          ive rebuilt 5 3800 jointers, if the cutterhead is turning smoothly then leave it alone and get a link belt.

          if the bearings need servicing(clean and repack), then the cutterhead needs to come out

          of the 5 machines i did, one had a damaged bearing, it wasnt turning well. the rest had good clean grease and ran smoothly. i did reclean and repack them but it probably wasnt necessary
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