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  • Wadkin PP Motor

    I am importing a belt driven Wadkin PP that currently has a Wadkin motor wired for 380/420v , 5hp, 3 ph. Instead of buying a transformer and dealing with a retro-fitted electric brake, I want to replace the motor with a 7.5 HP, 220v single phase motor. I do have a large RPC but it would be nice to start the saw without it ( not sure of starting amps). Does anyone ( Jack ?) know how I can cross reference the Wadkin motor with a Leeson or other brand motor ? Or does Wadkin still make motors for what I need? Will I still be able to use my foot brake on a new motor?
    This is my first post; thank you for your help.
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    Re: Wadkin PP Motor

    Welcome to the forum! As soon as you can look at the motor tag you will find the frame size. The frame size has all the physical dimensions available on a chart. If you can find an identical frame size replacement everything will fit perfectly.


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      Re: Wadkin PP Motor

      The motor plate has the following :
      Type MP 112M28-2
      HP 5.5 HP
      3ph 50 cycle 2800 RPM
      Volt 380/420 8 A
      No: MK141001/AD

      It also says it was built by Wadkin.
      Does that provide any more clues ?
      Thank you, Gary


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        Re: Wadkin PP Motor

        There are few choices in 112M size motors in hp greater than 5.5 in three phase. I doubt that 7.5 hp in single phase, even if you can find a spot to put the capacitors, can be done. I'd take the motor to a motor shop and have them assess your options. Rewinding to 240 might be easier than trying to source a motor that will fit in single phase at equal or lesser HP. Sometimes the leads can be accessed inside the motor to reduce the voltage without rewinding. Dave


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          Re: Wadkin PP Motor

          Originally posted by Gary Gilbert View Post
          ...It also says it was built by Wadkin...
          Hi Gary. Welcome.

          To the best of my knowledge Wadkin didn't build motors - at least not from scratch. I think they often built the housing, then fitted rotors etc from electric motor manufacturers. I'm not familiar with details of Wadkin's PP, but they used a lot of Brooks motors (or components) during the 1960s+.

          I wonder if Wadkin supplied different pulley sizes for the Nth American market to compensate for the extra rpm a 60hz motor runs at? Or were they happy with the higher rpm? Certainly PKs for the American market ran faster.

          Sourcing a replacement motor from Wadkin is unlikely.
          a) I don't think they supplied single phase motors for machines as powerful as a PP;
          b) Wadkin closed in ~2008.

          There are new Wadkin machines being built - but it's hardly the same company, nor the same technology. Daltons bought the name, and AMS bought most of the intellectual rights. Having something made by either will probably cost you an arm and both legs.

          Cheers, Vann.

          Proud member of the Wadkin Blockhead Club.


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            Re: Wadkin PP Motor

            My PP came to me with a replacement 5hp three phase Baldor motor in it. I was also given the original Wadkin motor out of it which had been rewound but not reinstalled. I have never had a problem with the Baldor motor. If you want the frame number from that motor I can get it for you when I am out in the shop.



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              Re: Wadkin PP Motor

              I have contacted a local motor shop and he offered some great advice. He has seen motors like mine run just fine without any re-winding etc. Even though I was hoping to do some of the legwork ahead of receiving the machine he advised to just wait until I receive it and go from there. That means I have to be patient. Dang it. I guess I'll channel my energy into choosing a color to paint it.....Thank you for all your helpful posts !