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Fixed my old Duofast pneumatic stapler

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  • Fixed my old Duofast pneumatic stapler

    Sometimes you have an old tool that you like for no particular technical reason. Just that it's old and served you so well for a long time, and want to keep it going. I have this really old Duofast stapler that originally belonged to my father in law (who died 35 years ago). I did an image search on google and can't find one that looks exactly like this one, though I've seen a few models that would appear to be of similar age. One of them looks the same (a model 5018) but is not chrome plated like this one. Mine says model 5012.

    Anyways the problem is that the plunger wouldn't come back up after driving a staple. I had tried various things like opening it up, checked the gaskets, cleaning inside the cylinder, but no luck. Today I was just cleaning up the shop and thought about how these things work: to bring the plunger back up it must let in a bit of air to push it upwards after you release the trigger. So I took the piston out and then hooked up the air hose to trigger it without the piston, thinking that there might be some dirt in the holes leading from the trigger to the cylinder. Sure enough, put it back together and it's working great now

    Click image for larger version

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    Other than suggesting that anyone else try this as a fix if their stapler has a similar problem, I also posted this to show off a favourite old tool , and also to try and find out a bit more about it. Would anyone have an idea how old this thing is?
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