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Scroll saw, jigsaw, frettsaw... definitions, opinions, et .

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  • Scroll saw, jigsaw, frettsaw... definitions, opinions, et .

    What is the difference between a scroll saw, frett saw and jigsaw. Delta, powermatic, excalibur etc make saws for intarsia. Olber made the 173 and jones superior made a cool saw. I am considering one of the big saws like the oliver bur I am confused about blades. Would like some clarity and opinions. Can the big oliver do intarsia work or do we really need to get one of the smaller modern saws.
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    Re: Scroll saw, jigsaw, frettsaw... definitions, opinions, et .

    Since this is the Vintage Tools forum, I used images of vintage tools. ;-)

    The fretsaw and scroll saw use blades that look very similar, but are different in strength. The fretsaw is hand held and can use weaker blades than the scroll saw. Both of these are designed to cut on the downstroke.

    In general the big scroll saws can do everything the smaller ones can do, but with larger pieces of wood. Most of the vintage scroll saws had only a few speeds, whereas most of the new ones are fully variable.

    The jig saw is also hand held, but powered. It's also different in that it cuts on the upstroke and has a very different blade than the other two. It's not what you want to use for intarsia.
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      Re: Scroll saw, jigsaw, frettsaw... definitions, opinions, et .

      Ok... so we got the basics defined. I am looking for vintage iron. Where things got weird is with the new saws. The blades seem much finer and appear to lack the pin. The ideal case would be an oliver 173 or 273 set up to use the blade found in a modern saw. Don't know if this is possible. The blades I have seen used on the oliver for example seem very wide and very course making it almost like using a bandsaw. I could be wrong g here so I am soliciting opinions. Many oliver 273 saws were used in pattern shops and I have not seen anything by wadkin in terms of scroll saws.