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King 350S Shaper AND Busybee 325 Planer maintenance questions...

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  • King 350S Shaper AND Busybee 325 Planer maintenance questions...

    Hello everyone, long time lurker with a couple questions I haven't been able to google an answer for.
    I've been fortunate to pick up a couple of used items, the shaper and planer mentioned in the title.

    The Shaper is in pretty good shape, it's missing the draw-bar and bolt, but otherwise it's cleaned up very nice except for two things. The alingment pin in the spindle cartridge looks to be barely protruding, about a 1/32. Theres some damage to the 1" spindle because of it it seems. I've been trying to find an explanation of the procedure to replace or reseat the pin but haven't had any luck. If I dismantle the cartridge will it be easy to punch the pin out and either replace it or reseat it? Another issue with the shaper is that, at some point, the old style of 240V plug with the two flat prongs, someone has twisted them so it could be plugged into a regular 110 outlet. I have no idea how much the motor was run on 110V (or that it would even function), but it was running when I stopped in to look at it. Admittedly when I met the person to inspect it, I never really looked at the cord or what he had it plugged into. As far as I can tell the motor is still the stock one.

    As for the thickness planer, it also was in need of a good clean up. Once I had the pillars rust free and lubricated so it travelled easily, (I used some maguire's #26 car wax and some 2800 grit mirka "scotchbrite" pads to clean the rust off), it was then I noticed a bit of slop and rocking motion diagonally across the table. Which I'm assuming will cause some issues in performance. (up till now I've only owned a simple benchtop unit) As far as I can tell there's no adjustment screws by the table mount holes, is there any way I'll be able to make adjustments so there's no slop and the table is parallel to the cutterheads? Or will I likely need to drop it off at a shop?

    Thank you for your time,
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