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Wadkin GZ Stroke Sander

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  • ethanslocan
    Re: Wadkin GZ Stroke Sander

    Nice work Mike! that's a beauty! Makes my "progress" look like @#%&!!!

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  • M.McKenna
    started a topic Wadkin GZ Stroke Sander

    Wadkin GZ Stroke Sander

    A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to open my email really early, and thanks to Rob (iamtooler), I picked up this stroke sander yesterday about 50 kms North of here in Windsor Qc. He sent me the link and I was at he sellers place by noon. We made a deal and I left a serious deposit. Nice to have a flexible work schedule. It's typical Wadkin, really solid construction with lots of massive cast iron, for woodworking machinery that is.

    Now stroke sanders are a dime a dozen but this Wadkin is pretty rare and has some really interesting features. It has the typical sliding table but the belt is really long 24'6". Which makes for less belt heat and less wear. It also allows for the waterfall on the right side vertical section. Not sure if this original or added but it makes sense. The neatest feature is the Swan neck design of the two main castings. This allows for sanding of material that is much longer than the typical SS, rather than being limited to the length of the table or the space between the columns. In theory the maximum length capacity of material is basically infinite.

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    The quality of construction is excellent. There are 4 main components. The base, 2 ends and the head. Each are typical Wadkin bullet proof construction. All told 3,000 lbs! The 4 round rods, 2 for the table support and 2 for the travelling sand pad slide, are solid, not hollow tubes, solid 1 1/4" rod. The base is surprisingly heavy. Having dismantled it I think we could have dragged it onto a flatbed trailer or tow truck to haul it back to my shop. All sections have registration pins to align each joint and bolts to fasten.

    This machine had been in the seller's garage for 20 years, since his dad downsized his shop. It had to go, they were selling the place. When we were negotiating things got a lot sweeter. Turns out it came with 30, yes thirty, unused but old belts of various grits. Then he offered to help dismantle and load it on the trailer. I asked if he had ever tackled anything of the like. Turns out he is a millwright! All I can say is jackpot. He then offered his small Kubuta tractor to help load it. When I showed up to pick it up his uncle was there too and guess what? He is a retired millwright. They had it half dismantled before I got there, all bolts and parts in the can. We had the major parts dismantled and on the trailer within an hour. All that's left was to gather up the small parts and strap it down. The base will need a coat of paint and the bearings need to be looked at. Mount a 5 horse motor and get to work. Now the work of clearing out a spot in the shop to shoe horn this machine in to place begins. Quite an upgrade from a hand held belt sander or even the BGY.

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    Tags 40's-50's??
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