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"Inside Out" Turning Alternative - Christmas Ornament

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  • "Inside Out" Turning Alternative - Christmas Ornament

    If anyone else has as many problems as I do with alignment and glue squeeze out issues when making inside out ornaments, you might want to try this method:

    They come out looking about the same but there is no waiting for glue to dry.

    Take care
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    Re: "Inside Out" Turning Alternative - Christmas Ornament

    That's pretty cool Bob.
    I did one similar but I stopped short of drilling all the way through then I cut it up and made an inside out ornament from it.

    Sure inside out takes longer and you have to deal with glue squeeze out but you can do stuff like this too.
    Click image for larger version

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    Good job on both the ornament and the instructions.
    Sanding the inside looks a bit scary though.
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      Re: "Inside Out" Turning Alternative - Christmas Ornament

      JP, you can certainly get more variety in the shape of the holes doing the it the inside out way, but any I have done so far have all been round holes anyway. After struggling with alignment and waiting for glue to dry I got this one to turne out:

      but I was really not happy with the interior finish with traces of glue and marks from trying to get rid of all the glue.

      Just like Bill said, I remembered seeing the discussions about the cube in a hole puzzle on some of the forums and decided to try this method. Sanding inside the hole is really no different than sanding inside a turned box. It is even easier if you chuck a 1" diameter sanding drum in an electric drill and use that to sand the holes like I did today. At least this way you can turn the entire thing in one session rather than having to stretch it out over multiple sessions while you wait for the glue to dry.

      Take care


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        Re: "Inside Out" Turning Alternative - Christmas Ornament

        I tried Bob's method after his posting it on the WWF turning board and I found it so much quicker and easier than my previous inside out ones. .
        Here is one with my usual bad photograhy. The improper lighting makes the icicle look ripply but it is in fact very smooth. The shape of the icicle though . .. well that is something else. I need a lot more practice in that area .

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