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water base lacquer bluish tint !!!

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  • water base lacquer bluish tint !!!

    I have tried to no end to get away from blue tint , on top of espresso stain, I have redone top 2 times on a dresser , time to switch brands ,is not to heavy of a coat and ample cure time between coats frustrated awwwg ,
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    Re: water base lacquer bluish tint !!!

    I have found that the Target Emtech 2000 and the EnduroVar from Woodessence are free from that though they don't come cheap.


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      Re: water base lacquer bluish tint !!!

      Is the stain solvent, oil or waterbased?
      Did you wipe the stain after application?
      How long did you let it sit before applying the waterbased?
      Did you use a sealer between the two?
      Is the blue haze in areas where thicker topcoat resulted from application overlap?
      How warm is the area you are working in?
      In my experience, any, all, or various combination of, these factors will affect how waterbased reacts and can give the dreaded blue haze. It goes away eventually as it all dries out. Try placing a gently oscillating fan at low speed so it wafts air over the top.

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        Re: water base lacquer bluish tint !!!

        Even with cheap WB, I only have blue tint issues if it is too thick, too cold, or the stain/previous coat/lumber is not dry enough. It could also be a bad can of finish, but the other reasons, are much more common.

        General finishes, Emtech(target), and Lenmar have always done right by me, so maybe try one of them?

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