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    ALSO I here do not use sterated sand paper some say it s ok ? what your thoughts on scuffing between coats and what you are using ?
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    Re: sand papers

    IMO it's a good idea not to use stearated sandpaper to be safe, especially with waterbased, which, IMO, is less tolerant of contamination than solvent based finishes.
    I lightly scuff between every coat and use 320 grit Norton Adalox paper, sometimes 400 depending on finish. Scratch marks can telegraph more in waterbased than solvent based as there is no chemical bonding between coats unless you use products (like Target Coatings) that are specially formulated to do this.
    I made a sanding block out of a piece of 2x4 which I ran through the jointer to get one even surface, then stuck some felt to that surface to act as a softer backer. I sized it to take a quarter sheet of the Adalox paper. Works like a charm, so I made a couple more lol

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