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  • Wipe on poly

    Home Depot does not carry Minwax Wipe on Poly any more. They now sell Watco Wipe on Poly. I find the Watco is turning my cherry wood darker, and leaves a distinct oily smell when the finish is dry. Anyone care to comment on the two brands?????
    But on the other hand, I have five fingers!!!!!!
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    Re: Wipe on poly

    Never used either product but I think most guys here know I don't like Minwax in general.

    I like water based Deft and Varathane brand.
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      Re: Wipe on poly

      I have stopped using Minwax WOP; it's cheaper to buy the regular Minwax poly and thin it about 40% with mineral spirits. Same thing exactly.
      Never used the Watco product so no help there.
      Home Hardware still carries the Minwax product as do many other retailers.
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