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  • Sticky Table Top

    I made some table tops for the restaurant about a year and half ago.
    Wood was live edge douglas fir and walnut. Finished with Varathane brand water-base poly urethane.

    Recentry, I received e-mail from the restaurant owner and he said " The tops are getting sticky "
    so I went there to check them out. They are sticky just like sticky tape.

    I am wondering what causes this situation.
    My thought is,
    Those tables are sitting by the windows which is facing south. So I imagine they get sunlight quite bit during the day.
    Because it is restaurant, they spray sanitizer and wipe off with rug many times a day.
    Are these reasons why ? Anybody had same situation before ?

    I need to re-finish for them very soon.
    I am thinking to take off old finish with stripper ( like Circa 1850) and finish with hard-wax oil this time like Osmo or Saicos.
    As it seems like good durable stuff and easier to maintain compare with poly.
    In that case, is this good idea to seal coat first and apply wax-oil or it will prevent oil to penetrate into wood ?
    Or if you have any suggestions what and/or how to finish with ?

    Attached picture to give you an idea what it look like.
    Appreciate if you can give me your thought and/or advise.


    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Sticky Table Top

    Commercial cleaning products are extremely hard on wood finishes. 2K urethane is the best way to do this. Alcea, ICA or Milesi all make products that will hold. There are certain lacquers(2 part as well) that work for commercial application as well.


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      Re: Sticky Table Top

      I agree with Mark, the cleaners these restaurants use usually have an ammonia base and this wreaks havoc with waterbased finishes. I have seen two part waterbased products fail under these conditions, although this was several years ago and there have been major advances since then. However I wouldn't chance it and have used a post catalysed lacquer (Durovar & Krystal) on a few occasions and had no call backs. Any Post Catalysed or 2 Part product has to be sprayed.



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        Re: Sticky Table Top

        I will check out those products. Also check out what kind of cleaner they use. Maybe ask them to clean up with just water as much as possible.

        Thank you guys for your post.