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Minwax fast drying polyurethane risk of spontaneous combustion?

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  • Julian
    You do not tell us whether the product is solvent based or water based.......though I assume its solvent based it or you would not be fussing.

    Any solvent soaked rag is at risk of self ignition under the wrong set of just operate on that basis and be safe and live long and wake up in the morning to find you still have a workshop (or garage, whatever) rather than a smoldering ruin.

    There are "closed or self closing cans" or water filled cans that you can stick your rags or brush into....but it is equally safe to spread out/hang up the rag(s) so that they cannot build up and contain heat (which could potentially then cause ignition).

    I keep a metal pail or gallon can around (with a lid) and stick the items in there and close the lid.......this is safe and easy and quick and does not the event that the vile rag does heat up and or ignite (never has in 35 years).....the lid is closed so the fire would use up all the oxygen in short order and put out the problem.

    Anyhow, its not a big deal .... just know that the possibility of self ignition does exist, albeit slim and unlikely ....and take a simple step to avoid it.
    Putting the offending items out on the porch works fine...but even there I would spread the rag out so the product can evaporate or dry so that when you bring back in any risk is gone.

    Onwards to victory!

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  • Minwax fast drying polyurethane risk of spontaneous combustion?

    Hi all,

    ​​​​​​Just started woodworking a few months ago. I'm in the process of finishing some coasters. I decided to apply minwax fast drying polyurethane to help build a protective layer on the coasters. From the reading ive done on forums, it doesn't seem like this stuff is at risk of spontaneous combustion. Obviously it's flammable (so we shouldn't be careless with it), but it didn't seem like anyone had any issues with spontaneous combustion of polyurethane.

    As a last check, I went to look at the SDS for this product and they state there is the risk of spontaneous combustion (see attached photo).

    I know with certain oils (danish oil ,Tung oil), there's the heat generated when the oil "drying" that puts rags at risk of spontaneous combustion. But I couldn't find any info on this minwax stuff generating heat though.

    Anyone have any thoughts/experiences? I was about to leave my foam brush and rag to dry in the workshop but instead left them out on the porch just to be safe.
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