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Polymerised tung oil sealer (exclusively)

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  • Polymerised tung oil sealer (exclusively)

    Lee Valley sells polymerized tung oil "sealer" and "high luster"

    They recommend a blend of 2:1 for a low luster finish... but... I'm curious... has anyone used *just* the sealer? I tend to like matte finishes, so I'm curious what benefit the "high luster" mix gives; is it actually required?

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    Re: Polymerised tung oil sealer (exclusively)

    Honestly, I don't really know but I consider the sealer to be the high-luster product that has been thinned for better penetration.

    Try it but you may expect to need to apply a few more coats to build a film. However, realize that I am basing my comments on using it as a woodturner not as a furniture finisher.



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      Re: Polymerised tung oil sealer (exclusively)

      following.....i'm considering lee valley's tung oil sealer, tung oil finish, and then micro-crystalline wax as my 3-part finish for a mable burl i'm working on. i'm looking for a matte finish as well and don't want anything 'high-luster'.


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        Re: Polymerised tung oil sealer (exclusively)

        First off, High Luster is NOT the same as High Gloss, as luster is a soft glow not a gloss, anyway, Polymerized Tung Oil is pre-polymerized and has more gloss than pure un-polymerized Tung oil, it is a harder finish and stronger finish than the Pure Tung Oil that has not been pre- Polymerized.

        Yes the Tung oil sealer has extra thinners in it and so you get less Tung Oil (in the can) and in the wood, it can/will go deeper into the wood it is claimed, I have used Polymerized Tung Oil with extra thinners, use my own thinners, it is less costly than buying the Polymerized Tung Oil sealer.

        If you want a more dull Tung Oil finish, than I do suggest you use pure Tung Oil, when it polymerizes on/in the wood the polymerizing that happens gives a duller looking finish, it is not as hard and takes longer to get hard by the polymerizing process where it reacts with the oxygen in the air.

        The finish will take not that long as some claim, in a warm dry place (74or so) but does take not much more that 24 hrs, but Polymerized Tung Oil hardens in a lot shorter time under the same condition.

        I have been using PTO (POlymerized Tung Oil) for at least 20 years, and it is basically the only finish I use.

        And yes you can polish either one if you like to get a higher gloss
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        Have fun and take care
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