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Fishing moldings for Kitchen remodel

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  • Fishing moldings for Kitchen remodel

    I purchased and install a kitchen from Ikea. I need some finish corner molding the same finish. I have this finish

    I'm not sure that it is called but can I buy the finish "film" to apply that to the corner moldings?
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    Re: Fishing moldings for Kitchen remodel

    Trying to match both the colour and the sheen of a factory finish is very difficult, especially if you do not have professional grade equipment and years of experience.
    While you cannot just "buy the finish" can achieve a pretty similar result by being careful, shopping around and doing test samples on pieces of the same wood you intend to finish until you arrive at a result that looks acceptable.
    It is even more challenging because your Edserum is not actual wood...its a tinted foil finish.
    Meanwhile, you need to know that different woods react differently - and the stain will look different on woods of differing types. You may see a picture or a sample on some piece of wood in a store that "looks perfect" ..but when you try it on your stuff......its not the same!......that's why you need to do samples and more samples.
    Take a piece of your desired edserum brown to a paint store and hold it up next to the stain samples. Get some. Try it on a piece of your actual wood (a scrap piece) and see what you think......keep trying.
    You must read and follow the instructions...all stains are different in how they apply, how long you leave them on the surface, whether you wipe on/wipe off ...etc.
    Then get a spray can of the shine you want (gloss? semi? satin?) and spray that on your sample (it will change it again!!!!) and see what you think.
    You will need to put a few coats (like 3 or 4) on the final real item but one will do for a test.

    Steeles Paint (on Steeles eh) can help....they have an enormous selection of stains and are knowledgable and patient....bring a sample of your test wood with you as well as an actual piece that you are trying to match (and no, a picture will not do....bring an actual piece).
    They may even test stain a bit of the sample wood you bring....and they have clear coats.

    Good luck with this problem.

    Its tricky but you can get a good result with a bit of patience.
    (note: I did not say it was easy...or fast....and do read and follow the instructions for the stain and the clear coat!)
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      Re: Fishing moldings for Kitchen remodel

      Agree with everything Julian has said. What you may want to consider is finishing the trim to compliment the cabinets may be easier than finishing the trim to exactly match the cabinets. Something to consider. Otherwise be prepared to be patient and do multiple samples keeping track of which stain, how many coats, how long before wiping, etc.