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    Re: Alcohol

    Re: Alcohol

    I think I finally have an answer to the methyl hydrate question. (I was reeeely disappointed with the wishy-washy-ness of my previous posting.)

    From the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry:

    The IUPAC terminology book defines hydration as "addition of water or of the elements of water (i.e. H and OH) to a molecular entity" where addition reaction is defined to result "in a single reaction product containing all atoms of all components". Coincidentally, the specific example of hydration on that webpage is the hydration of ethene + water -> ethyl hydrate, or ethanol / ethyl alcohol (check the chemical formula). The analogous hydration of methylene (:CH2 + H2O -> CH3OH) results in methyl hydrate, or methanol.

    Another interesting page is on carbohydrates = "hydrates of carbon".

    The IUPAC page suggests its definition of hydration applies specifically to organic chemistry.

    So, methyl hydrate == methanol, and wikipedia's (current) explanation of the term "methyl hydrate" is wrong.


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