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Today I Used My Earlex!

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  • Today I Used My Earlex!

    This AM I opened the box to spray some BM Collection Eggshell Latex. The new Earlex has rave reviews so I was looking forward to the new experience after the last effort with the compressor and Samona gun.
    I thinned the paint with floetrol and thought I had the 10% in. Well, finally paint flowed but a little erratic and blotchy. But the shelves were now covered with too much paint!
    I have read and now done searches here which recommend 20 parts paint, 3-4 parts distilled water and 4 parts floetrol as a common goal.
    I just chatted with Jullian who suggested 2 parts paint and 1 part floetrol; never use water.
    Then for the rookie like me, just take a couple of pieces of cardbord, mix the 1/3 floetrol and spray at 12 inches. If it is large droplets add more floetrol, if spray too thin add paint.
    I guess KISS is the way to go.
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    Don B
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