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  • Don Kondra's Finish

    I'm building a rocking chair out of cherry and will soon be ready to finish it.

    Would Don Kondra's finish mix be suitable for this? Would more varnish in the final 2 coats be a good idea? Would "Tried and True" Varnish Oil be an alternative?
    John in London
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    Re: Don Kondra's Finish

    Re: Don Kondra's Finish

    Good question John

    Can't say how it will wear as I've never finished a chair with it...

    It does go well with cherry and based on how long it lasts on a kitchen table top I wouldn't be shy about recommending it especially since it is so easily renewed.

    But, if you change the ingredients you are on your own

    Cheers, Don
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      Re: Don Kondra's Finish

      Re: Don Kondra's Finish

      I've been using TnTVO lately. Love working with it but I don't think I would use it on a chair. Maybe it's just my amateur knowledge and minimal experience but I prefer to use it on surfaces that get seen rather than used or exposed to moisture.