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Finishing for Spruce plywood

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  • Finishing for Spruce plywood

    Can anybody suggest a finish for spruce plywood, that will enhance the grain. I am making a small utility box for artist paint brushes. I have made the lid out of zebra wood and I have decided to use a wax finish on that, but I am not sure if a wax finish on spruce will give me the effect I want.
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    Re: Finishing for Spruce plywood

    Re: Finishing for Spruce plywood

    I'd suggest shellac or an oil (boiled linseed or tung). They will provide an amber cast, which enhances the grain or figure in the wood. Both can easily stand alone as your final finish, although shellac offers more protection. You can do shellac over oil, which is quite nice.

    If you want to preserve the whiteness of the spruce, you are looking at clear, waterbased film finish. If you are buying at a BORG, polyurethane is your choice, although commercial users have other options. This won't pop the grain/figure like an ambering finish will, but it does provide some enhancement while keeping the whiteness.

    If you are looking at changing the color, spruce will take dye and stain very well. If you go that route, put a clear topcoat on it when the stain or dye is dry.

    And whatever you use, wax it with the same wax you used on the zebrawood. This will help give to provide some consistency to the feel.
    Mark Kornell, Kornell Wood Design