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Questions on Prep and Finsihing an Oak Project

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  • Questions on Prep and Finsihing an Oak Project

    Hi Everyone,

    I have some qestions on prep and finishing a project that I have completed.

    First, the project is basicly a frame that can be hung on a wall to hold various pictures. I have made the frame out of oak that was purchased from Home Depot.

    Second, Prep time. I have put plugs where any screws were used and filled any holes that were made by the brad nailer. I must say that I did the best that I could here and you can hardly notice where the screws and nail holes are. Now this is where I get stuck. What grits of sand paper do I use to sand the project before I can apply a finish? What do you tend to use? 120, 180, last 220 grit.

    Third, Finishing. My goal is to try to match the funiture that is in my parent's living room. I have done some color testing and what I have come up with is Clasic Oak Polyuathane made by Minwax. Once I have applied this and it dries, do you sand inbetween coats? If you do, what grit do you use? ALso, how many coats of polyurathane do you put on?

    I have been a member for a while and enjoy reading the posts on this forum. I have learnt alot also from all your input from other posts. Thanks also to all those that respond.

    I have attached a picture of what I have tried to copy. Mine is different as it is taller and not as wide. Not sure where the picture came from as it was given to me from my Mom. I will post later some pics of what I have done.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Questions on Prep and Finsihing an Oak Project

    Re: Questions on Prep and Finsihing an Oak Project

    The final sanding grit before the finish is applied shouldn't be higher than 180, so 150 should be good too.

    After that I'd use 220 to 400 between coats and that would be to get rid of the nibs from dust. The legend has it that sanding is a must between coats of poly, but this isn't so if the subsequent coats are applied before the prior ones are cured, i.e. about 24 hours at room temps.

    For the final coat it all depends on what kind of sheen you want to achieve. I typically go for 600g wet sanded fr the final finish.
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