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Turbinaire 1235 GT HVLP system

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  • Turbinaire 1235 GT HVLP system

    I have been looking for a HVLP system, or Gun for my compressor and have decided 95% to order the 1235GT by Turbinaire.......

    I would like to hear from people that have a system like this before I order, just to confirm in my mind that I am making a good decision.....
    The reasons I would like to buy this brand is
    1: It recieved a great review in a sprayer test (another magazine)
    2: I prefer to support Canadian companies....

    For the people that have a Turbinaire unit, how is the after sales support? Are parts/Upgrades easilly available?

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    Re: Turbinaire 1235 GT HVLP system

    Hi Pickering,
    I have that unit and it is OK, Actually better than most. ( I like the Fuji better, also a Canadian company). I ordered a pick up tube, (essentially an 8" piece of brake tubing with a nut attached) cost was about $20 tax in and took a month to get. Parts are slow to come by and cost a ridicules amount.

    Cheers, JG

    Look for an email tomorrow


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      Re: Turbinaire 1235 GT HVLP system


      Thanks for the reply......

      I have done a little reasearch, but for the most part I am HVLP iliterate.....
      In the tool test I read the turbinaire was prefered over the fuji (not by much).....
      Can you tell me why you prefer the Fuji?
      Also, the Turbinaire I can get through a company I deal with at wholesale prices....the fuji I would have to pay retail....


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        Re: Turbinaire 1235 GT HVLP system

        For that type of price difference get the Turbinaire. You will be happy with it.
        I think the Fuji gives a slightly better spray.
        On some forum ( I cannot find it just now) the owner of Fuji dealt with the "Review". I think on another day the Fuji might have been listed higher.

        Have fun with your sprayer. If you can find a spray course take it ASAP. Cheers, JG