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    Re: Your Must-Have Item?

    Originally posted by woodguy7
    Lots of pencils.I spend half the day looking for where I left it. Half the time it is resting on my ear. Second, several tape measure for the same problems except I can't find it resting on my ear.
    And not the mechanical types. Just the simple wooden ones that you can what the state of the lead is.
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      Re: Your Must-Have Item?

      The workbench. It’s the number one tool. No matter what you do, hand tool, power tool or both you always have to do stuff on a workbench.
      Steven Der-Garabedian


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        Re: Your Must-Have Item?

        Originally posted by Kayak Jim View Post

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        ...or it would be if I owned one
        Is that a Sauer and Steiner? I'd love one too, but I'd have to sell all my stationary tools to afford one