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Folding plywood sawhorses from construction grade?

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    Re: Folding plywood sawhorses from construction grade?

    Guys, thanks for the info. I can totally see the router and pattern thing however hereís where I have to hang my head a bit... I bought some Bosch blades. With a little bit of technique trail and error, itís cutting ok. Blades are staying in the chuck.

    Iím using straight edges and free handing the radiuses with a very fine blade. Itís not going to be a pro job. And at this point Iíve resigned myself to that fact. Iím just going to muscle through and do the best I can and chalk it up as a learning experience.

    I will have to match mark everything for assembly because if I mix them up Iíll never figure it out. Theyíre all going to be cut slightly different.

    and from what I can see so far, benchmark products are absolute crap. Iíll never buy those blades again. I probably shouldíve known that... iím guessing that they are the equivalent of Canadian tire blades


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