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Coffee table legs that are rectangular

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  • Coffee table legs that are rectangular

    Hi all,

    Working on my first coffee table. To be made of ash. It'll measure 36" by 24" (the top), and so the legs + aprons will be something like 30"x18". Height to the top is 18".

    I have searched a few coffee table plans and just pictures of coffee tables in general and I noticed that most of them have square legs (2x2 or 3x3). Why is that? Is it just an aesthetic thing? Or easier to work with? Would I be okay using 2x3 for the legs (2 being on the shorter side, 3 on the longer)?
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    Re: Coffee table legs that are rectangular

    That’s the beauty of making something yourself. You get to decide on the design and aesthetic details. There is no right or wrong. It is whatever is pleasing to you.
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      Re: Coffee table legs that are rectangular

      Hey Paul, there is no particular reason for legs to be square vs rectangular. Rectangular legs seem to be more common on narrower side tables than center-of-the-room coffee tables, simply due to aesthetics of matching proportions. To paraphrase Kunzwerks, the world is your oyster!
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        Re: Coffee table legs that are rectangular

        Square legs are just easier to work with. You set up your machines Once for all 4 sides of your lumber and you know that all the sides are the same dimensions. So when you are doing your joints you can use the same setting on your marking gauges and so on.

        Basically when you start with something that you know is square and true you do less thinking and more doing. It also looks good because everything is symmetrical but that is subjective. Some of the nicest pieces I have ever seen had no real square lines on it. So it's subjective to what you like.