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Plywood bench - finishing advice needed

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  • Plywood bench - finishing advice needed


    The attached picture shows the window bench I have made recently. The bench is quite sturdy and stable.Though I have some questions about finishing the bench.

    1. Stain / paint / laminate?: I am not sure how to finish this bench without too much complexity. The simpler the better.
    2. Edging? Even if I do edging to the front side, I will have to buy ~300 feet of edge banding. Is there a cheaper alternative?
    3. Doors: I am thinking of installing three drop-down doors similar to this cabinet. What do you think of this option? Are there any better alternatives?

    Thanks Click image for larger version

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    Re: Plywood bench - finishing advice needed

    1-paint it, nothing simpler. 2- small rolls of iron-on edging is available here at Home Depot (25’ I believe). 3- no opinion. I would suggest fixing a back of some sort to your bench to eliminate the possibility of racking, 1/4” plywood glued to the back would be sufficient, Roy
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      Re: Plywood bench - finishing advice needed

      Adding to what Roy said, Make sure you use a good wood filler to level out any knots or dips in the plywood and sand smooth before painting.

      IMO the drop down door couldn't be more simple and cost effective. Not much material or hardware.
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        Re: Plywood bench - finishing advice needed

        For edge banding I would cut some strips of wood 1/4" or so thick and glue them on possibly add some brad or finishing nails. Plane or sans a bit and you are done.
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          Re: Plywood bench - finishing advice needed

          If this is a bench that is sitting on the floor I wouldn't put drop down doors on it. When you drop the door to access anything inside the door will be an obstacle to be reached past.
          The cabinet in the picture is a wall unit and maybe not as deep as your bench.
          Just my thoughts.
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