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  • Help with dust collecton

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I live in Missouri in the United States. I will be converting my garage into a shop. And I have questions about dust collection. From what I have read I'm planning on using a 2 stage dust collector with 1 or 1.5 horse blower and then this is where I run in to a question. Would it be better to purchase the large one micron hepa filters before the air comes back into my shop or is it better to vent outside? I live in a subdivision. My house is proximately 25' from my neighbor. And if I'm using a 2 stage system would there be a lot or large amount of dust beings sent outside? I just don't want things to pile up and look bad or blow all over my neighbor's house.
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    Re: Help with dust collecton

    Welcome to the forum.

    The Aussies are much bigger on venting outside than most of us. They have the climate for it. There are a number of them that have neighbours close to them and with proper sound deadening/mufflers made to fit their place have no noise complaints. They do however use the 5hp Clear Vue cyclones that are very efficient and do not discharge any visible dust so don't get those complaints either. For the most part a bigger motor and impeller are needed for a 2 stage system than you plan on to pick up the dust in the first place and to separate it in the cyclone. You can run the air through filters before discharging it outside. They wouldn't need to be HEPA. You will still need to deal with the noise.

    If you haven't already spent the time read Bill Pentz's site. It is not an easy read though.

    If interested in what the Aussies do message me for that forum link. All of it and Bill's site fly in the face of the Harbor Freight modded with the Oneida cyclone crowd. Dust collection is a bit of a minefield with lots of contradictory advice that will take some effort to sort through.

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      Re: Help with dust collecton

      If you are going to vent outside then remember that any air you send outside you will need to replace it inside. I don't know what kind of cold you get in Missouri but here where I live it get's pretty cold and I wouldn't want to heat my shop only to replace all the hot air with frigid air in January/February.

      I had bags before in my shop and they clog up pretty fast. The HEPA filter I have now lets more air though and takes longer to clog which makes the entire system work better.

      As for the size of a dust collector... I own the Harbour Freight 2Hp dust collector that I upgraded with the Canadian equivalent of a Grizzly 19 1/2 inch HEPA filter and a cyclone. In the long run it probably cost me more than going all out from the start but I didn't have the money for a two stage dust collector 10 years ago.
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        Re: Help with dust collecton

        1 or 1.5hp? I'd get the biggest blower/fan you can afford. 1 hp with added SP loss of a cyclone or trash can separator will be relatively ineffective. Your typical 1.5 hp you will want to keep your ducting fairly simple, probably 1 hose moved machine to machine.

        Blowing outside will give you the best performance as the filter loss will be nil and the "dirty" air will be out of the shop. But, as mentioned, the air has to be replaced, for me in the winter that's heated air, in the summer that's conditioned air, and that will up your costs if that applies to you.

        If you do go outside, how much is going to get blown outside is going to depend on how effective your seperation is and how much shavings and dust you're making.

        To give you an idea, I have a 2hp Oneida cyclone, and this is how much got past my separation in 3 full bins of mostly planing rough lumber. I could probably get it a bit better if I had a straight run into my cyclone, had a slightly longer flex hose into my bin, and caulked the cyclone/flex hose/bin connections under the hose clamps. Match box for scale.


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          Re: Help with dust collecton

          Thanks for the info gentleman. It seems the more I read the more confused about which direction to go. I originally planned to buy the Harbor Freight 2hp single stage dust collector and do the mod's to make it a two stage with a cyclone. However, when I tally the cost I become confused. My research has shown the total build would be over $800+ and that is not counting flex hose, 5" ducting, blast gates and everything else. Now I am thinking I should just buy a 2 stage collector from Jet or Grizzly. The info about replacing air I have read before and am wondering if going with a 1 micron filter would be better. This is all going to be within my garage as it was much easier to run the 220v from my panel from the basement. Any thoughts?