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Keeping green wood green?

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  • Keeping green wood green?

    I've never really done any carving or whittling but at the side of the road yesterday picked up a number of small pieces of yellow cedar that had split off a log recently cut. I'm talking an inch or so square by 6 inches long. How can I keep them from drying out until I get around to putting the knife to them? Will they go mouldy in a zip lock? Should I put them in the freezer? Should I put water in the bag?
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    Re: Keeping green wood green?

    Cover the endgrain with a sealer - anything from paint to wax to Anchorseal.
    Pentacryl is expensive but can be used when working with a piece but have to leave it to come back later. I have used it occasionally.
    Both available at LV.

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      Re: Keeping green wood green?

      And end grain sealer will slow the drying, but to keep it green, I think your best bet is to submerge it in water.
      Chris Wong

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        Re: Keeping green wood green?

        I have some Pentacryl and have used it in the past to keep a burl from cracking as it dries. I think in this case I'll try Chris' suggestion of keeping the pieces in water.

        Thanks guys.