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Delta 40-150 scroll saw

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  • Delta 40-150 scroll saw

    I have a Delta 40-150 scroll saw I know its a older saw but is in pristine condition. The problem I am having is the pinless blade holders either let the blade slip or break it. Anyone have and advice or know of a different type blade holder that will work even if its home made? Ive tried a couple different things but to no avail. Any and all help is highly appreciated. I really enjoy using this ole critter and would like to do a bit of fret work with it.
    Thank in advance
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    Re: Delta 40-150 scroll saw

    You might want to check with Grobet as they are the distributors of Pegas blade holders. I don't see Delta 40-150 listed but you never know.

    Bob Duncan is the national sales manager and was formerly with Scroll Saw Workshop magazine and is very helpful.

    I bought the Pegas blade clamps for my Excalibur but haven't installed yet as the problem went away but will shortly.

    Grobet in the USA is
    Don McFarland
    ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club