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  • Pegas Scroll Saw

    Hello Scrollers,

    I had a Dewalt scroll saw for years. I got influenced by aggressive Pegas Scroll Saw marketing from (Woodworker Supply | Wood Craft Supplies, Clock Parts, Dowels, Wheels ( on Facebook. I decided to upgrade saw, sold Dewalt scroll saw and ordered Pegas Scroll Saw along with Pegas Large table from in Nov 2020. After waiting for over 4 months, I received only the saw. I was told that large table didn't get shipped. I was told by Grobet USA that it will be shipped in June 2021. Now I'm being told is that it will be on the next shipment may be in August/September of 2021. It seems that manufacturing Pegas large table is not a priority for Grobet USA but they don't mind taking money. I paid fully in Nov 2020 and I'm still waiting to get the product.

    I'm sharing my experience in case any one of you are considering buying Pegas scroll saw. Wish I had bought any scroll saw other than Pegas. I'm wondering if I should wait two-three months more since I already waited for 9 months or just ask for refund.


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    Re: Pegas Scroll Saw

    I cannot believe that a company would ship an incomplete saw. I would send that back to them and would tell them you want a complete refund including shipping costa associated to the reurn as the order was incomplete and as such unsatisfactory. They truthfully should have contacted you in advance and given you the option to wait until the order could be filled to completion or cancel it.

    Under no circumstance would I keep the saw. If this is how the treat a new customer I can't, in my wildest imagination, believe how poor their after market service will be, Sorry to be such a bugbear but if I were you I get out of this before the grief gets worse.
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    Have a good day and play safe!!!!!!!


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      Re: Pegas Scroll Saw

      Did they send the original scroll saw with the regular table or no table at all?

      Don McFarland
      ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club